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Spinning Pizza Arts Photo Gallery

Charlotte, our director, 'checking' the props....

'Alan' and 'Fizz' played by Adam Cobb and Dionne Frati

Lottery @ Clarkston Library (L to R) Adam Cobb, Lowri Potts, Charlotte Allan, Dionne Frati

At last, a new use for the old school fencing foil....

Alicia Devine as 'Jane' the librarian, in full flight at Pollokshaws Library

Rehearsing the fight in 'Lost in a Book' at Pollokshaws LIbrary

"I just love these pop-up books..."

Euan Cuthbertson plays 'Character'

Clarkston Library - opening scene of 'Lottery'

Pause for script check

Waiting for the audience to performance of 'Lottery'

Dionne Frati sets the scene as 'Fizz'

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