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Where do you get your books?

If you live in Petersfield in Hampshire, at this amazing second hand bookshop! A warm welcome lures you into a rabbit warren of book-lined corridors, cupboards and crannies offering every possible subject you might pick at random - which of course - you do.

There's nothing quite like the mysterious silence of a well stocked second hand book shop where millions of nicely bound words are patiently try to attract your attention. And as you linger in book caves like this, the muffled sounds from the street or the office translate into whispered entreaties - buy me, no - buy me, yoo hoo over here, buy me....

.The book that was waiting to jump off the shelf into my hand was 'The Diary of a Farmer's Wife 1796-1797'. I've been (idly) looking for it for some years, ever since I came across it on the shelves in a farm in Dorset which had the noisiest composting toilet I've ever experienced....and now here it was, waiting for me for £1.80.

Or you might be lucky and have a travelling library - we stayed in Steep Marsh, which did have a travelling library advertised on this delightful parish noticeboard nestling among the brambles.

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